Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sketch Club #2

Hey Everyone,
Lately i've been not that happy with my drawings. They were sort of crap looking and not enjoyable.
This week however its been different, two straight weeks of super sketches.

So here now is my collection of the best of my last 2 weeks of sketch club.
These were drawn in pencil and also artlines.
You can also see a bit of colour i put in there, using my old mate photoshop. Makes it pop.



Micaela said...

Oh J Spen these are beautiful! I adore the last one. I would love a set of these on my wall. Sketching suits you.

Michael Jasorka said...

Hey Josh!!...
These look terrific to say the least!!... my favorite is the 3rd one down -- Awesome!
Hope you're well!!..
Mike J.

Josh Spencer said...

Cheers Guys!

Hey Mike,
Things are good man.
Hows things with you?
When can i get my hands on a book?